Lawrence A Rebbecchi Jr., VMD

Dr. Lawrence Rebbecchi Jr., a pioneering force in the veterinary community, initiated a transformative journey in 1991 with the establishment of Philadelphia Animal Hospital, driven by a vision to revolutionize animal care in the heart of Philadelphia. With a resolute goal to provide superior animal care, progressive solutions, and comprehensive services, Dr. Rebbecchi sought to address the unmet need for thorough care options within the city of Brotherly Love. Beginning humbly on Grays Avenue, he diligently cultivated a loyal client base, quickly recognizing the necessity for a more spacious and welcoming environment. Through strategic relocations and expansions, culminating in the current esteemed location at 7401 Holstein Ave since 2015, Dr. Rebbecchi’s commitment to exceptional care and innovation consistently propelled the Philadelphia Animal Hospital to greater heights, leaving an enduring legacy of compassionate service and remarkable veterinary advancements.

In 2019, Dr. Rebbecchi extended his compassionate care philosophy by founding Pet Check Urgent Care, a hospital aimed at providing accessible and affordable day-of care for both animals and their owners in South Jersey. Together with his two brothers, he established this essential service to ensure that prompt and economical care was readily available to every pet, reflecting his unwavering dedication to bridging the gap between immediate healthcare needs and financial considerations. Dr. Lawrence Rebbecchi Jr.’s visionary approach to veterinary medicine, coupled with his deep love for animals, lives on in his institutions, embodying his belief that exceptional care should be accessible and affordable for all.